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The Creative Conclave started life as a collaborative world-building venture back in 1999. Over time it grew; the world of Conclave became more defined and the amount of information became vast. At the same time, these same properties caused it to become rather unwieldy and sluggish; in fact the interplay between Chaos and Concordance became a good metaphor for the processes by which the World of Conclave had come about in the real world, as well as within its internal reality.

This revised version of the Creative Conclave attempts to address some of the issues that arose from the old version of the Conclave. The major races and cultures have been integrated with each other more closely, to increase friction and conflict between the different world views. Other ideals behind the revised Creative Conclave are:

  • To make it more directly relevant to gaming. To that end, game mechanics using the d20 system are given in many places. Most of these stem from the 3.5 mechanics, limited to the Open Content compiled in various online SRDs.
  • From time to time we will produce "specials" in the form of PDFs, usually player character races or new character classes, fully detailed.
  • To continue to provide oodles of free information and downloads.
  • To continue to focus on cultural minutae, oddities, linguistics and other little details as before, as well as game-based material.
  • To bring in some new feats, spells, items and variant rule systems, but not to simply become a repository for new crunch. The rules serve the setting, not vice versa.

By making Conclave d20-compatible we hope to open out the world to newcomers and make more people interested in expanding and developing the World of Conclave as a collaborative product, as it was originally intended to be. If you'd like to contribute, comment, or ask questions, visit our discussion forum.

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