Aadrul. Large carrion bird from Dronistor sometimes domesticated for riding.

a'Keshamite. Ancient empire that ruled a large portion of Fallen Sun. Now long gone, but its influence remains.

Ampash River. Tributary to the Anhoi River, bordering the western edge of the Plains of Pesh.

Anhoi. (1) A wide river that once formed the eastern border of the Empire of Splendour. (2) The name of a race of people who settled there (distinguished by dark curly hair and chubby faces). (3) Name given collectively to the nations along the Anhoi River.

Arganshur the Builder. Emperor famous for the large number of public works commisioned during his lifetime.

Arjenchashur. A Magister Administory from Utushar explaining life to his son.

Arketes. Sage and founder of the Collegium Arketium.

Ashara. One of the four main human races that live in the heartland of the Empire of Splendour. Tall, tan-skinned, the Ashara are traditionally the ruling class of the Empire.

Ashoyin. (1) Nominal capital of the Ashoyin Protectorate. Loyal to Minister Es-Gadar. (2) Name given to the land between Llaza and Nyerdhan where city-states are engaged in a bloody civil war.

Atala. Human race with green skin and green-blue hair. They come from a homeland long since vanished, believed sunk beneath the sea.

Baleful Wanderer. Nickname for the Bronze Wanderer.

Banarjahab. Elephant-headed Immortal, responsible for teaching the craft of building. Patron of roads and public works.

Banners, Plain of. Nickname for the Plains of Pesh.

Banner Spirit. Spirit creature that protects a body of soldiers.

Bearer of the Undying Flame of Heaven. Honourific title given to the ruler of the Empire of Splendour.

Beltavia Keep. Settlement in the Far Anhoi region, originally formed by religious refugees from The Khazarate of Vaarta.

Beraphol. Noted historical scholar of the Empire of Splendour. Infamous for his failed experiments with gunnery.

Bestowing Justice, Emperor. Former ruler of the Empire of Splendour.

Beauty, Cult of. Term given to the idle rich dedicated to the latest fashion.

Birds of Paradise. A group of young rich troublemakers in Llaza led by Lok of the Tangashi Clan. Part of the Cult of Beauty.

Black River Society. Criminal cartel, originating in Llaza, but now widespread.

Boiling Ocean. A region of great Chaos at the edge of the world, where the seas boil and dreams become reality.

Borapar's Shame. Nickname for the Plains of Pesh, after the Imperial general who lost a great battle there.

Braashak. Tall trees that propogate by sending down flying roots. Cultivated by Salsham'ai to live in.

Bright Vitality, Emperor. Former ruler of the Empire of Splendour.

Bringer of Plenty. Nickname for the Jade Wanderer.

Bringing Prosperity, Emperor. Former ruler of the Empire of Splendour, from about 2000 years ago.

Bronze Porpoise. One of the geomantic animals. Bronze Porpoise lives in the south. She is the patron of artisans, builders and inventors.

Bronze Wanderer. One of the Wanderers, heavenly bodies not affixed to the Firmament. The Bronze Wanderer is a deep red colour and is thought to be the harbinger of war and destruction.

Butterfly Style. An unarmed fighting style from the Empire of Splendour, created for women. It is a relaxed, flowing technique that uses the opponent's strength against them. Northern style is more violent, Southern Style emphasises meditation over combat.

Celestial Emperor. Title given to the supreme deity in the official religion of the Empire of Splendour.

Chaos. One of the driving forces behind the universe. Chaos gives possibilities but not definition. See Concordance.

Chosha. Popular form of dining in the Empire of Splendour. Many small dishes of flavoursome foodstuffs are continously presented to diners.

Claws of the Opal Tiger. See Opal Tiger.

Claw-Stick. Plains tlaxu weapon, made by attaching teeth and claws to a light wooden club.

Clerk of the Emerald Seas. See Emerald Seas, Clerk of.

Clerk of the Five Scrolls. See Five Scrolls, Clerk of.

Clerk of the Fragrant Hills. See Fragrant Hills, Clerk of.

Clerk of the Glittering Waters. See Glittering Waters, Clerk of.

Clerk of the Golden Disk. See Golden Disk, Clerk of.

Clerk of the Morning Snow. See Morning Snow, Clerk of.

Collegium Arketium. College on the outskirts of Llaza that teaches the classics. Founded by the philosopher Arketes.

Concordance. One of the driving forces behind the universe. Concordance (or Law) gives definition and order, but it cannot create new things. See Chaos.

Considered Knowledge, Emperor. Previous ruler of the Empire of Splendour.

Corbasal. Captial city of the Magistracy of Nirhamsa.

Cormu. Financial unit in the Empire of Splendour. Reckoned as the amount of rice one man can harvest in a day. A notoriously unstable measurement.

Cosanq. Mythical guardian of Heaven and source of iron.

Cosanq's Heart. Range of hills in Fnoi Province, rich in iron.

Crane Style. A fighting style from Nirhamsa using wooden staves. Crane Style is fast and violent, designed to disarm and cripple opponents.

Cult of Beauty. See Beauty, Cult of.


Daas. Clan of the Merchants League. Connected to the Viceroy of Llaza.

Dailat, Bandits of. Large organised gang of bandits operating out of the Wasted Lands. Known to ransom captives rather than kill them.

Dansho. Pole arm with heavy chopping blade, traditionally from Fnoi Provonce.

Dark Sphere. Secret society rumoured to protect mortals from unearthly perils.

Darvisha. Bull-headed Immortal, one of a group of fertility gods.

Dawn and Birds, Magister of. Title of the first (lowest) rank of Magister Administory.

Daxa. Powerful cult in Mopendor revering dead ancestors.

Deep Wisdom, Sea of. Sea to the south of the Empire of Splendour.

Delicate Fortitude, Empress. Former ruler of the Empire of Splendour from one thousand years ago. She is accredited with creating the Official Calendar.

Denra-Lyr. (1) Large island nation south-west of the Empire of Splendour. Also known as Denralia. (2) The people of this land. Literally means "People/Land of God", or "Blessed People".

Divine Minister of Green Abundance. See Green Abundance, Divine Minister of.

Divine Minister of the Iridescent Pearl. See Iridescent Pearl, Divine Minister of.

Divine Minister of the Nine Arts. See Nine Arts, Divine Minister of.

Divinely Chosen. First ruler of the Empire of Splendour.

Dosha. The name given to a school that teaches fighting techniques.

Dragonsblood. Rare silvery metal, often liquid in its native state, with the ability to absorb magical energy.

Dragon's Eye. Nickname for the Bronze Wanderer.

Dragon Scales. Gaming pieces common in the Empire of Splendour. A set consists of five coloured suits of eight triangular tiles each. There are additional "power" pieces as well, which vary from place to place. Many different games are played with dragon scales.

Dromad. Camel-centaurs found on Fallen Sun. Desert nomads notorious for a love of strong drink and violent ways.

Dron. One of the races of humans found in the Empire of Splendour. Dron originate from Dronistor. They have blond hair, blue eyes and bright orange skin - these characteristics tend to breed true even in mixed parentage Dron.

Dronistor. Western province of the Empire of Splendour. A land of deep canyons and religious strife.

Durdn. Humanoid folk from the land of Vorsheeva. They are tall, shy, and have prehensile noses. Most are citizens of the Empire of Splendour.

Dusk and Diamonds, Magister of. Title given to the fourth rank of Magister Administory.

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