Imperial Flame. Another term for the physical manifestation of the Flame of Heaven.

Iridescent Pearl, Divine Minister of. Supreme sea deity

Iron Wanderer. One of the heavenly bodies known as Wanderers. The Iron Wanderer vanished from the skies during the legendary past.

Jade Gibbon. One of the four geomantic animals. Jade Gibbon lives in the north. He supports the sky and is the patron of farmers.

Jade Sword. Outlaw group in the Ashoyin Protectorate dedicated to protecting peasants from local warlords.

Jade Wanderer. One of the Wanderers. The Jade Wanderer is green in colour and its rising is said to presage a time of plenty.

Jinka Rum. Potent alcoholic beverage distilled from sugar beet and anything else handy. Typically drunk by the desperate,

Jiunsami. Name given to magicians in the Empire of Splendour who have registered with the authorities. See tabusami.

Kamuda: Term meaning both 'tribe' and 'fleet'. Basic social unit of Moa-Ruaki society.

Kanaha-Ri: Lit. 'Fire-Boat'. Sea-going vessel used by the Moa-Ruaki adapted for use with cooking fires, kilns and metal-working.

Kanu-Ri: Warboat of the Moa-Ruaki. A Pao-Kanu-Ri is smaller and often used simply as a shuttle craft. A Karu-Kanu-Ri is larger and usually fitted with a hardwood ram.

Kawa-Ri: The basic sea-going vessel of the Moa-Ruaki. Usually a catamaran housing a family, but other styles of boat are used.

Ketwari. A racial sub-type of Edraldi found on the Island of Or.

Khazar. Title of the ruler of Vaarta. Normally passed on to the eldest male heir, but in the past this has not always been possible.

Khazarate of Vaarta. See Vaarta, Khazarate of.

Kingfisher Over Flowing Water. Also Kingfisher Style. A fighting style practised by some old nobility of the Empire of Splendour. It involves flowing defence coupled with fast strikes, using swords or unarmed.

Klai. Type of dagger used by the tlaxu of Mopendor. A twin-bladed weapon requiring considerable dexterity to wield effectively.

Ko: Creator god in Moa-Ruaki mythology.

Koa-No-Kara: Lit. 'Bounty Islands'. Moa-Ruaki term referring to lands where food may be gathered.

Koa-No-Kikiri: Lit. 'Islands of Earth's Blood'. Moa-Ruaki term referring to volcanic lands where obsidian may be found.

Koa-No-Kono: Lit. 'Holy Islands'. Moa-Ruaki term referring to lands where gods and spirits should be propitiated.

Koa-No-Panaga: Lit. 'Timber Islands'. Moa-Ruaki term referring to lands where wood may be cut for new ships.

Koa-No-Rakiki: Lit. 'Dead Islands'. Moa-Ruaki term referring to former Koa-No-Kara and Koa-No-Panaga where resources have been used up.

Koa-No-Tapu: Lit. 'Cursed (or Forbidden) Islands'. Moa-Ruaki term referring to lands that may not be visited, due to dangerous natives, evil spirits or other reasons.

Kolaru-Goru. Ketwari name for the cyst form of the Palu Devil.

Kronlordan. Small city-state in the Three Sisters Mountains.

Lady East. An Immortal associated with growth and fertility. She is the chief concubine of the Divine Emperor.

Lady Laughing Corpse. Immortal who brings disease. She is the insane mother of Master Cinnabar.

Lake of the Flaming Spear. See Flaming Spear, Lake of.

Lashong. Common item of clothing in the Empire of Splendour. A loose cotton or silk robe worn as an everyday overgarment.

Lemoko: Dark green pulse grown by the Moa-Ruaki on board their catamarans.

Lesser Dragon Empire. Ancient civilisation supposedly pre-dating the rule of the Immortals.

Lightning. One of three Immortal brothers from the Department of Heavenly Waters. See also Flood and Thunder.

Little Thalsa. Salsham'ai enclave in the City of Llaza.

Llaza, City of. Port city at the mouth of the Anhoi River. Home of the Merchants League.

Long-Claw. Plains tlaxu weapon made by setting teeth and claws into a long wooden staff.

Longing Star, Magister of. Second rank of Magister Judiciary.

Lorazor. Wide-brimmed waterproof hat, usually made of waxed leather. Originally from Denra-Lyr but adopted throughout the Empire of Splendour.

Lord of Four Corners. See Four Corners, Lord of.

Lord of Four Suns. See Four Suns, Lord of.

Lorewarden: Wise and respected member of salsham'ai culture. Often, but not always, a magician.

Lotus Book. Manual on sexual matters published in the Empire of Splendour.

"Lotus Girl". Euphemism for prostitute.

Low Imperial. Lingua franca of the Empire of Splendour. A simplified form of High Imperial with less complex grammar and more loan words.

Lugger. Species of domesticated beetle from Or, used as beasts of burden.

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