Races and Cultures
The World of Conclave features an array of different intelligent races and strange cultures.


  • Dromads: Rumbustuous camel-folk from the Outer Continent.
  • Edraldi: A reclusive race of incarnate earth spirits.
  • Malameks: Intelligent pterasaurs from the Outer Continent.
  • Nai-nek-chai: Animal shapechangers.
  • Ptorac: Traders and slavers with a mysterious reptilian taint.
  • Salsham'ai: The 'tree-folk', small and wise in the ways of the natural world.
  • Ssth-Gar: Snake-like masters of distant islands.
  • Ti-Kop: Shoreline race, mediators between the people of sea and land.
  • Tlaxu: A feline-seeming race with a savage Queendom, plains-wandering clans and isolated shamans.
  • Ura: Tiny scavengers from desert lands.
The Empire of Splendour
Continent of Perfection
  • Queendom of Mopendor: Land of civilised yet savage tlaxu.
  • Obrenaja: Freedom-loving savannah folk with a love of culture and 'natural harmonics'.
  • Tenguru: The Land of Frozen Tears.
  • Thellingerstan: Mountain nation of eagle riders on the edge of the Empire.
  • Vaarta: Isolated land of snowy tundras and oppressive religion.
Southern Seas
  • Denra-Lyr: Land of mists and warriors, only partly tamed by the Empire of Splendour.
  • The Empire of Fon: Deadly insects, wierd magic and a totalitarian government.
  • Hudan Technocracy: Rising nation with alchemical machines.
  • Kam Ultdour: Land of the Magician-Lords.
  • Moa-Ruaki: Sea-going nomads.
  • Oksa: Gateway to the Southern Seas.
  • T'Yorta: Remote island of peaceful rivalry between the Reds and the Browns.
Continent of Fallen Sun

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