The World of Conclave has developed over the years as the collaborative work of a number of people. In the case of some characters, such as Shan Zuyarn or Kop, we have tried to credit the creator, but since there are many overlapping areas in other parts of the setting it is not always possible to credit one person with one idea. Here are some of the main contributors, in no particular order:

Simon Giles, responsible for maintaining this site and for most of the conversions to d20. Also a prime mover in the concepts of the Empire of Splendour and tlaxu. Various other ideas for Anhoi nations, odds and ends.

Charis Stewart, creator of the salshamai, prime creator of The City of Llaza and Merchants League. Other notable contributions include the look of Conclave (with 'Marigold' font) and the Khazaarate of Vaarta.

Christian Thalmann brought the nation of Obrenaja whole cloth from another world-building endeavour, plus illustrations (such as the obrovon), linguistics and other ideas.

'Mekamorph' is a late-comer who has added all manner of valuable input to loads of different areas, greatly expanding and rounding out Imperial culture, people, places (such as Nyerdhan), plots and so forth.

'ImmortalKelt', another contributor known only by internet pseudonym, provided chock-loads of funky ideas for the Second Continent, including the wonderful Dromads and the basis for the ura.

Keith Humfeld thought up the Empire of Fon and put in a lot of work with focussing the magic systems and working on an original game system.

Amy Letts has produced some sterling artwork, much of which is yet to see the light of day (see, for example, salshamai , Plains of Pesh and matoo). We'd also like to plug her webcomic, Epic Fail.

Others, whose names are remembered but who have become detached from their contributions include Shreyas Sempat, Bob Hall, Chris R. Hall, 'Credo1', 'Dirtkami', 'Magus Tao', 'Quintusgiber' and Cam Scott. All of these have helped to hone and define all manner of aspects of the World of Conclave, from how the sky works down to art forms of the Empire of Splendour.

Please note that the World of Conclave is, and has always been, an ongoing, evolving project. If you wish to get involved please visit the discussion forum or drop us a line.

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