Fermi's Emporium.

The place to do business in Llaza.
There are many people in Llaza who need to meet and seal deals in relaxing surroundings, and they usually make for Fermi's. It's a walled compound of interconnected courtyards and buildings, found on the Street of Green Lanterns in the upmarket East Isle area of Llaza. Its owners, Fermi and Jaele Esfet serve food and drink in the pleasant tree-shaded main courtyard and lease rooms for private functions.

Fermi and Jaele were travelling trader-adventurers and minor members of the Merchants League. Their first child, Sevsheer was born in the salsham'ai tree city of Thalsa, their second, Mandasa, in the Denra-Lyr city of Aldith. When Sevsheer was nine years old, Mandasa was four and Jaele pregnant again Fermi decided that the travelling life no longer suited his growing family and so they settled in Llaza, buying an old townhouse and converting it to the Emporium. The idea of a meeting place that was neither a bathhouse (considered 'too Imperial' by some) or a rowdy tavern came to Jaele during their travels together, and so the Emporium is a friendly family business with a safe atmosphere.

Fermi (Exp2/War2) is a 49 years old Anhoin, of medium height and a pot belly that he wears proudly as a sign of his prosperity and respectability. He is clean-shaven with short hair, and has a wide collection of colourful silk lashong robes and pillbox hats that he likes to sport. He carries a punch dagger tucked into his sash. He is an exuberant and friendly man.

Jaele (Exp3) is a slightly-built, short Anhoine of 47 years old. She wears her long hair in elaborate braids, often beaded, in the salsham'ai style. She is quieter than her husband, but is the one with the business sense. Her dress sense is as colourful as her husband's.

Sevsheer (Exp2) is a lot like her mother, but taller than either parent. A serious 27 year old, Sevsheer shows her dry sense of humour with a wry smile rather than great laughter. She is very interested in different cultures, having grown up on the move, and enjoys the opportunities that Llaza offers in that respect. She is betrothed to one Herverten Dahout, a rather dry and sensible Clerk in the Merchant's League. He is a kind, loving and stultifyingly dull man and although Sevsheer is fond of him she hankers for a more exciting life and finds her eye drawn to exotic and dangerous men.

Mandasa (Exp1), the middle daughter of 22 year old, is a wild night owl. She enjoys tempting men with her darkly beautiful looks but has let none catch her yet. She has dabbled in many of the dubious pursuits that Llaza has to offer but deep down feels a lack of fulfillment. It is perhaps because of this that she has started to help out at the orphanage and soup-kitchen that is the Narvinda Manrupashnar. She does this good work secretly, so that her reputation in the family as the 'difficult one' is not damaged.

Indfasa (Exp1) is the youngest, overlooked daughter. She is quietly studying law and hopes to become a Magister one day. Nemesh (age 10) is the only boy and the spoilt baby of the family. He enjoys the attention he gets from patrons of the Emporium. Oths'ol is the salsham'ai cook at the Emporium, an old family friend from way back. He is 30, middle-aged for a salsham'ai and lives in a tree-house in the large nekmel tree in the main courtyard. He has a pet muita (a small monkey-like creature) named Siss, although the creature spends more time with Nemesh.

Using Fermi's Emporium
The Emporium is useful as an alternative to the 'Ye Olde Adventurer's Inn' that normally serves as a base of operations and a place to meet patrons. It can also be the focus of adventures in itself as the hectic lifestyles of Sevsheer and Mandasa get them into trouble, or something from Fermi and Jaele's past catches up with them.

Price List
Meeting room, per hour.... 1 gp (100 yen)
Mug of shoka.................. 2 cp (2 yen)
Tea service .................... 1 cp (1 yen)
Jaele's date cake ........... 1 cp (1 yen)
Llazan hotpot ................. 1 sp (10 yen)
Standard chosha............. 1 sp (10 yen)
Special chosha................ 2 sp (20 yen)

Llazan hotpot is a spicy stew, mainly seafood based. Shoka is a salsham'ai beverage similar to a mocha. Chosha is an Imperial style buffet of finger foods, somewhat like tapas. You get more courses with the 'special'.

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