The Necklace of Plenty
A vast archipeligo stretches south from the Sea of Deep Wisdom into the Southern Sea, curving eastwards in a crescent. As the name suggests, the islands that make up the Necklace of Plenty are rich in natural resources as further testified by many of the individual island names - Teak Island, Gold Island, Nutmeg Island and so on. Many islands have indigenous populations but most have been colonised and exploited first by the Empire of Splendour and later by the Merchants League.

At the northern tip of the Necklace lies Oksa, largest of the Necklace islands. Oksa has a mountainous centre surrounded by fertile plains and is comprised of small kingdoms constantly striving with each other. At the moment the number stands at five and they exist in an uneasy peace, competing through commerce and politics rather than outright war. Oksa was once part of the Empire of Splendour who arrived to settle a dispute between the Oksan nations and stayed on as rulers. About 100 years ago, as the Empire first began to crumble, Oksans suffered the backlash of the Empire's frustration under the fist of General 'Bloody' Vandru. The young Merchants League, keen to demonstrate its might, intervened and with the collaboration of all the Oksan kingdoms constructed the city of Turuk in secret. The population of the city of Port Linlin was evacuated under the nose of Vandru into their new fortified home of Turuk. In retribution, Vandru burnt Port Linlin to the ground but as the city was deserted it was an empty gesture. Today, Turuk serves as a neutral meeting point between all the Oksan powers - four kingdoms and Uuksam, the first true representative democracy on Conclave where all the people (and not just a select council) get to vote on who leads them.

Tuuma Strait
Oksa occupies a commanding position at the head of the Necklace and the mouth of the Sea of Deep Wisdom. Ships travelling from Llaza or the Empire must pass Oksa on their way to distant lands, and it is here that the League like to levy taxes. The next most suitable point for deep water shipping to cross to the Necklace (and thus reach lands such as Tas-Nabrenor and Tenguru) is the Tuuma Strait, running roughly across the middle of the Necklace. Unfortunately, the Tuuma Strait is also home to the Tuuma Cormayr pirates, also known as the Bloodhawks (after their founder Cormayr Bloodhawk) and the Red Talons (after a tattoo that all members are said to possess). The Tuuma Cormayr were once beaten back by a concerted effort from the Merchant League navy, but now under the leadership of Cormayr Bloodhawk IV they are enjoying a resurgence. As the sphere of the League's influence has widened, so has its ability to protect all its assets diminished. The current Red Talons are rumoured to have the services of narhemoths, giant horned whales, that they use to ram ships.

At the southern tip of the Necklace of Plenty lies Corapeti. This island was originally settled by a group of former Imperial citizens who wished to find a simple agrarian life following the teachings of Divine Manrupashnar. They found the southern half of the land covered with massive terraces just right for farming, divided from the jungles of the northen island by a huge wall. The Corapetii, as the settlers named themselves were unable to find any signs of the original builders and after a few expeditions beyond The Wall failed to return they confined themselves to their colony Harmony in the south.

In the last twenty years the Corapetii have found their idyllic lifestye interrupted by a new wave of Merchants League settlers, coming to exploit the resources that they hope lie beyond The Wall. Expeditions report giant creatures and a race of reptilian spirit folk, spurring the arrival of scholars interested in the Lesser Dragon Empire. Harmony finds itself an uneasy neighbour to several traders' stockades and the Corapetii are treated as inbred simpletons by the newcomers. Rumours also suggest that the Black River Society criminal cartel rules life in Corapeti via a mysterious figure known as 'Father' Camaya.

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