Part Three: Races of Conclave
Humanity is perhaps the most numerous of all the races of Conclave and comes in its usual wide variety of appearances, including some more outlandish types such as the green-skinned Atala and the orange-skinned Dron.

The salsham'ai are a race of small folk who prefer to live in trees. Although they have a great forest realm they can be found intermixed in human lands, for they are friendly and warm-hearted. The salsham'ai revere nature and have a strong mystical tendency.

The feline tlaxu are almost as numerous as humans. The largest tlaxu nation is the Queendom of Mopendor, rumoured to be a cruel place where humans are hunted for sport and the dead are worshipped. This does not stop considerable trading between Mopendor and human nations. Other tlaxu live as plains-dwelling nomads and yet others as mountain-dwelling mystics on the fringes of society.

Along the shores and beneath the sea live the Ti-Kop, nicknamed 'gloppies' due to the clicks and pops of their native speech. Some Ti-Kop trade with littoral humans whereas others fight over fishing resources. Some live entirely beneath the sea, near the lightless depths, and others live in quiet rivers.

There are many lesser races who do not have any nations of their own. These include the durdrn, hapless creatures created by an inept minor godling. They are a strange race with prehensile noses, webbed feet and a general clumsiness. They live within the protection of the Empire of Splendour and may be found further afield as their one talent lies in seamanship. The nai-nek-chai are a scattered race of animal shapechangers, of varied descent from animal spirits who have interbred with humans. Not quite fitting in with humans or animals, the nai-nek-chai tend to be rogues and wanderers. The edraldi are stocky creatures that some say resemble a cross between a sheep and a gnarled tree trunk. They are pastoral creatures, mysteriously tied to the fertility of the earth, and are usually allowed to live amongst humans for the benefits that they bring to farmers. Their wild religious festivals, on the other hand, often lead to unwelcome acts of destruction.

These are but a sample of the races that live on Conclave, in the region of the continent of Perfection at the centre of the world. Further afield one finds the reptilian ssth-gar, the camel-centaur dromads, the tiny desert-dwelling ura, the pterasaur-sage malameks and the subterranean tenoko-o, as well as many other human races and strange spirits.

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