Stories from Conclave: The Journal of Rishta Vallans, Volume One

In the 63rd Regnal Year of Received Wisdom (148th year of Llazan Independence), League Agent Rishta Vallans embarked upon yet another mission. Here is his story.

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  • Prelude: Thievestown, Llaza.
    • '... two decks of pure hedonism festooned with coloured lanterns and frequented by low-life, scum, addicts, dilettantes and pleasure seekers.'

  1. The Racecourse, Llaza.
    • 'Matoo are normally slow and peaceful creatures, which doesn't make for the most entertaining spectacle, but if you don't feed them for a couple of days they'll do anything to get their hands on a pile of fruit.'

  2. Ashoyin.
    • '"They say it's warm in Dronistor this time of year," said the server as he handed over the pastries, and winked theatrically. I sighed inwardly. Cloak and dagger wannabes I can do without.'

  3. Tibrafes.
    • 'My employers aren't known to be great romantics. Money and power is more their style, and they have a string of yen where their hearts should be.'

  4. Nirhamsa.
    • 'The Celestial Emperor, Guide of Heaven, Lord of the Four Suns and the Four Corners, was leaving behind the innocence of childhood..., the same as he did every year when spring turned to summer.'

  5. Thellingerstan.
    • 'It isn't often you meet an eagle well-versed in interrogation techniques.'

  6. Hills of Niranim.
    • 'Dhalooth and I were now following unpaved tracks beyond the remit of the elephant god and into the wilds of the bamboo forests of upland Nirhamsa.'

  7. Kronlordan.
    • 'Locally produced cloth hung in great swaths from the ceiling in a myriad of colours, like the dressing for a parade of one of the more insane Emperors.'

  8. Tibra's Crossing.
    • ' of those recurring historical themes whereby a successful defensive campaign leads optimistically yet foolishly to an unsuccessful offensive campaign.'

  9. Beltavia Keep.
    • '... despite his ancestors having been driven from the country by the threat of a slow and painful death at the hands of religious persecutors.'

  10. The Wasted Lands.
    • 'Had it not been for the extensive arsenal of weaponry about her person, she could have passed for a dockside floozy in Llaza...'

  11. Nyerdhan.
    • ' reputation preceded me, it seemed, but I didn't like the smirk on the official's face as he related this to me.'

  12. Epilogue
    • 'A reveler who had started early was noisily vomiting onto the League House steps - a political statement that I heartily agreed with.'

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