Prestige Feats and Everyday Spells
The feel that we intended for the World of Conclave was one where magic was ubiquitous but, on a mortal scale, quite low-powered. So although there are walking mountains, storms that are living beings, ancient dragons and spirit-gods, the high powered spells are more rare - very few magicians can cast spells of the potency of wish and the like. On the other hand, simple magic is more common with magical ability not just limited to members of spell-casting classes.

Something that has arisen from converting Conclave to d20 is the concept of the 'prestige' feat; feats that give a spell-like or supernatural ability but require some role-playing based prerequisite rather than (sometimes as well as) a mechanical one. An example would be Dance of the Opal Tiger, which gives a limited supernatural ability (you summon a celestial tiger but you must be in combat and accompanied by at least six others with the same feat) with the prerequisite of belonging to the Claws of the Opal Tiger cult. Due to the myriad of spirits and Immortals in the World of Conclave, some may not be powerful enough to offer a set of Domain spells but may, instead, offer access to a specific feat if worshipped. These feats cannot be learnt without belonging to a specific group or owing allegiance to a specific spirit.

Everyday spells, on the other hand, are the domain of spellcasting classes but have functions with little or no use to the typical adventurer. Most are 0th or 1st level, being cast by adepts or other low-level hedge magicians, often sold by street scribes as written charms or ofudas. Examples would be spells for blessing crops, marriages, homes or for keeping specific pests or spirits at bay, for finding small items, helping cure minor ailments or assisting with arts, crafts and daily chores. Quite often, like 'prestige' feats, these spells would be accessed through veneration of a specific minor Immortal or through study of a particular magical technique.

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