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This is the Official website for the Creative Conclave, dedicated to the production of the Lazy GM range of role-playing aids, and the creation of the innovative World of Conclave setting. If you are new here we suggest checking the Overview link on the right. Check out our free downloads and our commercial products. Finally, don't forget that you can participate in the creative process on the Discussion Forum.

8th December 2006
Now up - an overview of the City of Llaza. Maps and character stats are in the works.

29th November 2006
There should be no more dead-end links on this site, so now we're fully armed and operational! Coming next, the Boulder Stone Temple (with the first glimpse of an Eldraldi) and more details on Imperial culture.

28th November 2006
I've noticed from the stats that the error page is getting the most hits! This is not good. The complete Volume One of Rishta Vallans, with some editing and revision from the old site, should be up by the end of the week and thus all broken links should be gone.

Talking of editing, there were a few typos that crept in to the Wayside Shrines and Temple of the Unknown God PDFs, and a corrected version of those is now up.

What's up next? More Empire of Splendour details will be brought across from the old site, with some d20 rules for Butterfly Style and Crane Style fighting techniques. Also in the pipeline, a PDF set of Dragon Scales for you to print off.

Work continues on the Salsham'ai PDF, which should see light in the new year. As well as extensive details on salsham'ai culture and rules for salsham'ai characters it includes details of Pas Aat magic (and several ways to implement it in your game), expanded rules for arboreal movement, the obligatory smattering of new spells, feats and creatures and four salsham'ai-based adventures plus a host of maps and diagrams, all topped off with some great illustrations by the talented Amy Letts.

6th November 2006
Added the Wayside Shrines and the Sacred Barge of the Cat God to the Downloads section. Lesser spirits who can have a small effect on your characters if you treat them right, and the strange feline protectors of the old and weak.

2nd November 2006
Now added some details about the Empire of Splendour. If you're thirsty for more, you can still find loads of information on the old site but watch out for annoying adverts!

10th October 2006
Construction continues. Check out the new downloads for the Salsham'ai (a taster of things in the works) and for the Temple of the Unknown God, first in a series of shrines and temples.

28th September 2006
Welcome to the relaunch of the Creative Conclave, with a make-over for the site, a refocus for the World of Conclave and d20 rules. Watch this space for free PDF downloads and previews of the first of our new range of commercial products. Exciting times lie ahead!

27th September 2006
The new Conclave site goes live!

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