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This is the Official website for the Creative Conclave, dedicated to the production of the Lazy GM range of role-playing aids, and the creation of the innovative World of Conclave setting. If you are new here we suggest checking the Overview link on the right. Check out our free downloads and our commercial products. Finally, don't forget that you can participate in the creative process on the Discussion Forum.

18th November 2009
World of Conclave: Finally, an update on the Llaza racecourse. Find out about the city of Llaza's iconic location, learn what it takes to enter the deadly Viceroy's Cup.

The Lazy GM: We've been working hard on proof-reading for the Book of Brutes - Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, Atach and Ettin all get a ton of class levels, templates and variant builds. Meanwhile, work continues apace on the Pathfinder version of Goblinoids, with all sorts of exciting new takes on the OGL versions. If Lazy GM: Pathfinder Goblinoids goes down well, expect to see Pathfinder Dungeon Beasts some time next year!

1st October 2009
World of Conclave: An update on money in the World of Conclave, particularly the Imperial Yen. Find out the history of the yen, what you can buy with it, and the ways in which representational currency can change fantasy gaming.

The Lazy GM: The Book of Brutes has turned into a bit of a brute itself, but it is nearing completion. Undead and other Fell Foes is also on course for a release by New Year. In other news, we are working on a Pathfinder version of our Goblinoids book, hopefully the first of many conversions. More news on this as we progress, but at the moment we are having fun with the new feats and class abilities!

21st August 2009
World of Conclave: For this update we look at the island nation of Kam Ultdour, a land where centuries of magical duelling between paranoid Magician-Lords has left a land scarred with warped reality. We also give a glimpse of some of the most powerful wizards on Conclave, the squabbling group known as The Seven.

22nd July 2009
World of Conclave: This week we are proud to present our first fully-fledged core character class. The Shaman takes a flexible approach to divine magic, sacrificing a breadth of spell knowledge for spontaneous casting, plus a range of spirit-related abilities and some new spells, all in a downloadable PDF. As a bonus, we present three example shaman characters of varying levels to help or hinder your player characters.

1st July 2009
World of Conclave: A double update this week. Not only do we look at the distant prison colony turned pirate haven that is Tas-Nabrenor, we also bring you stats for its secretive native fey, the Junji. Also featuring details for a new special material, the magic-absorbing metal known as dragonsblood.

11th June 2009
World of Conclave: A quick update this week - musing on what happens if you were to cast detect magic when the entire world operates by magic. View it here.

2nd June 2009
World of Conclave: A massive update on the mysterious Ptorac, slavers and traders from across the sea with strange connections to the serpentine ssth-gar. New weapons, stats, racial levels and strange gods to add a touch of the sinister to Conclave.

15th May 2009
World of Conclave: We follow up our last entry on the Technocracy of Hudan with a creature unique to the scrapheaps and magical slag-mounds of that land, the Machine Ghost.

6th May 2009
World of Conclave: Another of the major Southern Sea nations gets a write-up. This time it is the turn of the Technocracy of Hudan, a land of dead gods, broken magic, alchemical machines, mutants, uprisings and giant insects. A full overview of this young and ascendant land.

27th April 2009
World of Conclave: Another creature from the braashak forests this week, this time a dangerous predator of the lower branches, the Vorl

4th March 2009
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12th February 2009
World of Conclave: Shockingly, we've long been remiss with information on one of the oldest creature entries to the World of Conclave, the matoo, favoured riding beast of the salsham'ai. Featuring full game stats for these riding-apes, and some fine artwork by Amy Letts.

9th January 2009
Amazing to think that it's been almost three years since this site started, and almost ten years since the Creative Conclave was first born! Third edition D&D has come and gone in that time, but we shall continue to produce OGL material to highlight the flexibility of the d20 system. Things to expect in 2009 are the continued exploration of the World of Conclave, including the Ssth-Gar lands, the Outer Continent known as Fallen Sun, Kiranjika the Nation Below and the Hudan Technocracy. Still in the works for the Lazy GM are the Book of Brutes (ogres, trolls etc.) and Undead and Other Fell Foes (creatures of the darker planes of existence).

The Lazy GM: We are now selling bundle deals for some of our titles. The Evil Humanoids bundle gives you all the orcs, goblins, bugbears and hobgoblins you are likely to need, whilst the Reptilians bundle gives you a selection of scaly cold-bloods in the form of kobolds, lizardfolk and troglodytes. Buy them from Drivethrurpg or RPGNow.

World of Conclave: A new player character race is featured in this update - the Edraldi, creatures of earth and stone. Not just a dwarf rip-off, these incarnate spirits come on four different flavours for you to try.

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