New Descriptors For Old
As discussed in this article, good and evil do not exist as concrete game concepts in the World of Conclave. One cannot use a spell to determine if a person is evil, nor use another spell to specifically harm them. There are, however, alternative descriptors that can be employed in place of Good and Evil. The simplest way is to take any spell or special ability that uses the terms 'good' or 'evil' and replace with one or more of those below.

Spirit: 'Spirit' is a creature subtype, used to define any creature of the spirit world. It can be applied to any creature type, although some are more common than others. A nature spirit, for example, may be a Fey if it assumes a reasonably humanoid shape, or an Elemental if it does not (or a Plant, if it is a non-humanoid plant spirit). Ancestor spirits are a type of Undead (or Deathless if preferred). Magical Beasts or Outsiders may be spirits if they are servitors of the Immortals. More conceptual spirits are typically Elementals. The spirit subtype confers no particular qualities to a creature, but makes it susceptible to spells such as detect spirit or protection from spirits.

Concordant: 'Concordant' effectively replaces 'Lawful' as a descriptor, and refers to creatures, spells and items (usually of spirit or Immortal origin) that are strong in the power of Concordance. Concordance brings regularity and permanence to the cosmos. This is often found applied to servitor creatures of the Divine Emperor. Concordance is diametrically opposite to Chaos.

Chaotic: 'Chaotic' effectively replaces 'Chaos' as a descriptor, and refers to creatures, spells and items strong in the power of Chaos. Chaos is the cosmic force that creates and alters, and is strongest at the edge of the cosmos. Not all chaotic things are unpleasant or dangerous, but the strongly concordant lands of the Inner Continent tend to fear Chaos all the same. Chaos is diametrically opposed to Concordance

Heaven: 'Heaven' is a descriptor applied to things that belong to the upper skies and the court of the Divine Emperor. They are things that are supposed to exist in the divine order. Heavenly creatures typically also have the Concordant and Spirit descriptors. It can be used as a replacement for 'good', although not all the acts of heaven are benevolent. Heaven is diametrically opposed to Netherworld.

Netherworld: 'Netherworld' is a descriptor applied to things that belong to the Underwater Darkness World, the mirror realm that lies beneath the Mortal Realms. Although Imperial religion does not allow netherworld creatures a place in the divine order, in truth many of them are loyal servants of the Divine Emperor. Although there is a tendency towards wickedness and chaos amongst netherworld creatures, many are concordant instead. Netherworld can be used as a simple substitution for 'evil', with the above caveat. Netherworld is diametrically opposed to Heaven.

Shapechanger. 'Shapechanger' is an existing descriptor. Its meaning does not change in the World of Conclave, but allowing for the existence of spells such as detect shapechanger and magic circle against shapechangers opens up the utility of such a descriptor.

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