Spirits of Conclave
The Spirit Plane is contiguous yet seperate to the Mortal Realms of the World of Conclave. Invisible to mortal eyes, spirits keep the machinary of the world running. They control the tides of the ocean, colour the leaves in autumn, light the stars in the sky and guide the wheel of the Firmament. There are also spirits, however, who delight in spoiling the correct working of the world. They bring madness and disease, feeding on mortal misery or despoiling the natural world. Some spirits enjoy the company of mortals, others are aloof and unconcerned with the petty lives of mortal folk.

Sometimes the Spirit Realm and the Mortal Realm intersect and overlap. Certain rituals can bring this about, certain locations exist more strongly in the Spirit Realm, and at certain times the overlap occurs more strongly. Mortals who find themselves in the Spirit Realm find a place of heightened reality, where the sky is more blue, the trees taller, the nights darker and the winters colder.

In game terms, spirit creatures take the Spirit subtype. This gives them no extra traits or features but does make them susceptible to spells such as detect spirits or protection from spirits. Spirit creatures may be of any creature type. Humanoid nature spirits are often fey, plant spirits are plants, non-humanoid abstract spirits are elementals, ancestor spirits are undead and servitors of the gods are typically outsiders, magical beasts or monstrous humanoids.

Benevolent Spirits

Malevolent Spirits

Other Creatures Of The Spirit World

  • Junji: Strange fey beings with a taste for mischief.
  • Manu: Shark spirits that feed upon fear... and flesh.
  • Pokan: Goblin-like spirits that love poison and corruption.
  • Storm of Profound Fury: Powerful wandering tempest.

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