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This is the Official website for the Creative Conclave, dedicated to the production of the Lazy GM range of role-playing aids, and the creation of the innovative World of Conclave setting. If you are new here we suggest checking the Overview link on the right. Check out our free downloads and our commercial products. Finally, don't forget that you can participate in the creative process on the Discussion Forum.

20th December 2007
The Lazy GM. As a Christmas treat from the Creative Conclave, The Lazy GM: Dungeon Beasts is finally here! Over forty classic monsters in various combinations of Hit Dice, templates and class levels to give over 400 ready-to-play statistic blocks, from CR 1/3 to 48!

For the bargain price of only $9.99 you get 146 pages of solid crunchy fun. To see what's on offer, check the sample file, a 900kB PDF file.

13th December 2007
World of Conclave: A trio of NPCs await under the discussion of the ruler of Llaza, Viceroy Bevorin Daas. Here you will find not only the hapless Bevorin but the opportunistic Jaz and his water mephit familiar. The perfect jumping off point for intrigue in Llaza.

The Lazy GM. Work has begun on 'Orcs', with even more variations to use. This time it isn't only the fighters and warriors who are given different builds. Meanwhile, technical trouble with the cover has delayed Dungeon Beasts momentarily. We blame gremlins.

29th November 2007
World of Conclave: We update a classic Llaza location with the Temple of Divine Diversity. This multi-denominational place of worship now includes stats for 'Old Yan', the high priest, details of the Spirit of Llaza cult and the clerical domain of Trade.

16th November 2007
Lazy GM: We hope you managed to lay your hands on a free copy of The Lazy GM: Troglodytes or the Non-Terrifying Beasts of Legend. The latter has come to the end of its run, but will return next Halloween, perhaps in a 4th Edition compatible form.

World of Conclave: Small update this week. In the Tales and Legends section we present The Seven Golden Footsteps of Yash-Yabha.

12th November 2007
Watch out on DriveThru this week as you might lay your hands on a free copy of The Lazy GM: Troglodytes. In other news, the World of Conclave is updated with a load of information about the Empire of Fon. Strange magics, totalitarian government, killer insects and illegal drugs, complete with scenario ideas.

5th November 2007
The 'Trick or Treat' special has ended at Drivethru and RPGNow, but you can still lay your hands on our (free!) Non-Terrifying Beasts of Legend, for a short while longer. Watch out for free giveaways during November.

25th October 2007
Work continues apace on The Lazy GM: Dungeon Beasts, a collection of magical beasts, aberrations, oozes and other savage creatures, old favourites for dungeon stocking (it could also be called the Big Book of Wierd Zombies as well). However, that has eaten into the World of Conclave updates, so expect a sporadic posting rate for them.

12th September 2007
Introducing the first Lazy GM web enhancement: Tiny Goblins. These miniature creatures of evil can be used to harass player characters with poison arrows or to provide comedic cannon fodder to larger goblinoids.

Also this update: Manu, known as shark-spirits. Dangerous hunters of the sea who can manipulate emotions.

Don't forget to check out the new additions to the Lazy GM line!

1st September 2007
You may have noticed that there have been no updates for a month or so. There are two reasons for this. Summer holidays is one, but the other big news: there are new additions to the Lazy GM family! Yes, we are proud to announce the release of the reptilian trio of Kobolds, Lizardfolk and Troglodytes, available for just $5.99 each from RPGNow.Com or

With the product line gathering strength we shall be producing free web-enhancements from time to time. Now in the works is the next Lazy GM product: Dungeon Beasts. Plus, our first review. Five stars!

Meanwhile, updating for the World of Conclave will be a bit sporadic over the next few months but we hope to settle down to a reliable pattern again soon. Watch for details of the Empire of Fon, more stuff from the city of Llaza, more creatures and more legends!

25th July 2007
A quick update this week - Tara-Ki - another crewmember of the Shadow Lark, highlighting the moa ruaki culture and a new feat- Tapu Spell.

18th July 2007
Continuing our theme of life on the Southern Seas we bring you a detailed account of sea-going nomads, the Moa-Ruaki, and their foundation myth The Tale of Ruaki.

11th July 2007
The 'gloppies' were just the start of a Conclave spotlight on the Southern Seas. This week we have an overview of the archipeligo known as the Necklace of Plenty, as well as a new creature (mentioned in the last Rumour of the Week) - the Narhemoth.

27th June 2007
Following on from the Ti-Kop last week, we bring you a sample character, another member of the crew of the Shadow Lark. This week, Kop, the ranger.

20th June 2007
Another playable character race this week - the aquatic Ti-Kop (also known as Gloppies). A PDF file full of all you need to create a ti-kop character including new feats, notes on weaponry, the wondours substance Seabone and the skill of Farsinging.

13th June 2007
They've been mentioned in many posts, at last we bring you details of the Merchants League, a worldwide mercantile power that is successor to the Empire of Splendour. Also this week, Magister Painu, the great sage of Llaza who also ties in with last week's discussion on The Followers of Vuul.

6th June 2007
A look this week at the Source of All Evil in the World of Conclave - the sinister entity known as Vuul who, according to the authorities, does not exist. Add a little Call of Cthulhu or X-Files spice to your campaign.

25th May 2007
No update next week, so here's an extra for this week. Tzin the tlaxu adventurer (also known as Sandy) uses the rules given in the tlaxu race and is suitable for a typical tlaxu friend or foe.

23rd May 2007
A bumper update this week with details of two unique World of Conclave player character races. The Tlaxu 'cat-folk' are old Conclave favourites that are more than just anthropomorphic cats. The Ura are the first look on this sight at the Outer Continent, although these tiny warriors have now spread to the Inner Continent too. For both races there are free PDFs giving complete details for creating a character and equipping them with weapons and armour ready for adventure.

Meanwhile, don't forget The Lazy GM: Goblinoids. A sample selection of stats is now available to download free if you want to try before you buy. Work continues on the next installment - Reptilians.

17th May 2007
Our update is a little late this week, but this is because Big Things have been going on behind the scenes. Yes, The Creative Conclave is proud to announce the release of our first product! The Lazy GM: Goblinoids is a crunchy product in a new parallel line to our World of Conclave material. It's a collection of over 360 pre-statted goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears and worgs, covering all manner of class, level and template combinations.

Hopefully this will be the first of a series, each covering different groups of creatures. In the pipeline are the reptilian humanoids, the remaining evil humanoids, a familiars and animal companion special and who knows where next?

Next week: more World of Conclave stuff with two new player character races.

9th May 2007
Some minor corrections and updates made to the Anhoi States and Cult of Beauty pages. This weeks update continues from the Anhoi States article last week to look at the Bandits of Dailat with statistics for Gemara the Bandit Queen and Hudanese firearms.

3rd May 2007
At last, we bring you a map of the Anhoi River and an article outlining the nations that lie along the banks of this mighty watertcourse: The Anhoin Nations. There is also an updated column in the Rules and Comments folder with a brief look at pervasive magical abilities: Prestige Feats and Everyday Spells.

25th April 2007
Following on from the Imperial Culture update last week, we highlight the Purple Pen in Llaza, a converted boat where artistic types like to spend their time, with several adventure seeds. We also spotlight the dangerous Cult of Beauty who have taken asthaetics to a new level. Features a new magic item - the Mask of Face Stealing.

19th April 2007
A day late, due to hard disk trouble! This week, more Imperial Culture, looking at what the Empire does for fun. Plus we have another Llaza location, the Narvinda Manrupashnar orphanage and soup kitchen, that may hide a sinister secret.

11th April 2007
This week we take a closer look at those deluded protectors of the roads, the Claws of the Opal Tiger, complete with stats and a new fighting style. There is also a look at the legendary past and the Age of Dragons, with notes on using dragons in the World of Conclave.

4th April 2007
By way of contrast to the depravity of last week, this week we take a look at a more wholesome, family-run establishment: the old Conclave favourite of Fermi's Emporium.

28th March 2007
Two updates this week. Discover more about law, militia, magic and travel in the Empire of Splendour in an update on Imperial Culture. Then switch to the dark side of society with drugs, pit-fighting and organised crime at the Chrysanthemum Garden in Llaza.

21st March2007
This week, a bit of ancient Imperial history in the War of Many Blessings. Coming next, watch out for a dip into the seedy underside of Llaza in the Chyrsanthemum Garden.

14th March 2007
At last, the Boulder Stone PDF (227KB) is ready. Learn the secrets of living rock and get the first look at the edraldi race. Creatures of Conclave come to d20 life in the article on domesticated animals. Now your characters can ride a tembu, catch vug fever, be trampled by Orrian lugger beetles and summon a celestial noyaki or a fiendish shri! Finally, money and alignment in the World of Conclave are discussed here.

7th March 2007
Check the brief discussion on using d20 for Conclave, and as an example we present Shan Zuyen, a work-over of a character from the 'Master of Jade/Mistress of Iron' play-by-email campaign.

28th February 2007
We return from hiatus with updates on Imperial culture and stats for Serene Lil, notorious bar owner in Llaza with underworld connections.

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