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This is the Official website for the Creative Conclave, dedicated to the production of the Lazy GM range of role-playing aids, and the creation of the innovative World of Conclave setting. If you are new here we suggest checking the Overview link on the right. Check out our free downloads and our commercial products. Finally, don't forget that you can participate in the creative process on the Discussion Forum.

27th November 2008
World of Conclave: At last we bring you details of the Khazarate of Vaarta, the Empire's xenophobic western neighbour. Explore a land of horse-riding Hetmen, the wolf-warrior Volkolaki, blood-drinking Domoyavna and the sinister Ulvoski inquisitors. A deeper exploration of Vaarta is coming next year, with stats and more.

22nd October 2008
World of Conclave: Arr matey! Okay, so we're a bit late for Talk Like A Pirate day, but this update we bring you the Tuuma Cormayr pirates, also known as the Bloodhawks or The Red Talons, scourge of the Necklace of Plenty archipeligo.

15th October 2008
The Lazy GM: We've re-released our free Halloween special - (Non) Terrifying Beasts of Legend. Ten fully realised horrors of minimum threat, from Gabriel the Were-Toad to the Beast of Worminghall. Download now!

23rd September 2008
World of Conclave: We bring you a closer look at the battle-scarred Plains of Pesh, with some more of Amy's excellent artwork. To accompany this location we also bring you full details of the Pokan, a nefarious race from the Netherworld. As well as full monster stats you'll find two pre-gen characters - the Bilemaster and the Abductor, a host of strange new poisons and the Wombtwisted template.

18th September 2008
The Lazy GM: Our latest release, Savage Creatures is nearing completion, with just the final touches to the cover to go. Once again we've topped the page count, with nearly 200 pages of stats from 40 different creatures, from Assassin Vine to Yrthak, all advanced through hit dice, with templates, class levels and variant builds. Challenge Ratings from the CR 1 Medium-sized Hippogriff through to the CR 40 Kraken Paragon. Click here for a preview, the fully usuable Dragon Turtle Mistweaver.

27th August 2008
World of Conclave: The last of the Imperial Provinces gets an overview in this update. Ancient monuments, mean streets and courtly intrigue. Find them all in Utushar.

19th August 2008
World of Conclave: A bumper crop of updates today. The land and people of Denra-Lyr, a very early contribution to the Creative Conclave, at last sees print in revised form. Year kings, sacred gold and haunted ruins await. In addition, two creatures from Denra-Lyr are finally given game statistics. Now you can use the mysterious, vengeful Mist Giants and the heat-sapping Moorswraiths in your game.

25th July 2008
World of Conclave: More details of Imperial culture with a look at the Imperial Calendar. Find out more about Imperial holidays and the mythical development of the Divine Emperor.

2nd July 2008
World of Conclave: The last of the Imperial Provinces is detailed in the latest update, along with the non-human durdrn race. Find out more in Vorsheeva. Now that ENWorld 2 is up and running, The Romance of the River Kingdoms has a new link. Enjoy!

26th June 2008
World of Conclave: Another update for the Imperial Provinces, this time we look westwards to the canyoned land of Dronistor.

12th June 2008
World of Conclave: House-keeping continues, but new updates are in the works. We start with a look at the mountain province of Ut'Bharma. Discover the secrets of the yana mystics and the Clockwork Army of Rashiman.

15th May 200
World of Conclave: Work continues on proof-reading and updating old pages, but expect new material coming shortly. The Romance of the River Kingdoms continues apace.

The Lazy GM: Due to the imminent release of 4th Edition D&D, and the new licensing agreement, we are changing our Lazy GM range over to the neat new OGL logo, designed by Louis Porter Jr. and free for use! Nice one, Louis. We will continue to support 3.5 material with the Lazy GM range, with Savage Creatures having spawned another product in the course of writing, tentatively named Undead and Other Fell Foes. Watch this space for more.

8th April 2008
World of Conclave: A slow time for updates at the moment, but we are currently revising old pages, updating stat blocks and adding long over-due entries to the glossary.
You may also be interested in visiting the play-by-post game running on ENWorld, called The Romance of the River Kingdoms.

The Lazy GM: Two new books in the works. As well as Big Bruisers, which will cover ogres, trolls, ettins and other hulking brutes, Savage Creatures is a sister volume to Dungeon Beasts, with a wide range of monsters for all occasions.

19th March 2008
The Lazy GM: The Orcs book is now complete. Our biggest Lazy GM book yet, with over 450 different orcs ready for use in your game. Orc warriors, orcs with double axes, orcs with guns, orcs with trollish bloodlines, orc battle sorcerers, jungle orc ape barbarians, desert orc lion barbarians, water orc whirling frenzy barbarians. You need never roll another orc again.

18th February 2008
World of Conclave: Spirit Month continues with three malevolent spirit creatures to torment player characters; the bloodthirsty Red Jade Spirits, mind-tormenting Insanity Spirits and the reflection-stealing Mirror Spirits.

The Lazy GM: The Orcs book is nearing completion, and work has begun on the next Lazy GM product. Big Bruisers takes a look at ogres, ettins, trolls and the athach for the GM who wants to put some big, dumb and ugly into his game. Dungeon Beasts meanwhile gets our second 5 Star review!

1st February 2008
World of Conclave: February is Spirit Month for the World of Conclave. Throughout the month we will present rules variants and a plethora of new creatures. Todays update brings you three benevolent spirits.

24th January 2008
World of Conclave: We present a new playable race with the Nai-nek-chai, animal shapechangers who inhabit the fringes of civilised society. Full details for creating a character plus a couple of unique feats.

3rd January 2008
World of Conclave: We return to school with a look at the Arketes College, a proud academic institution on the outskirts of Llaza. Complete with notes on how to use it in your game, and where else would you find references to Robertson Davies and Animal House side by side?

The Lazy GM: The next Lazy GM book in the works takes a look at Orcs in all their variety, and work is progressing smoothly (we've got the hang of these now!). Meanwhile, check out the poll over on for what you would like to see in the next Lazy GM product.

Elsewhere, The Lazy GM: Dungeon Beasts gets a recommendation on as a last minute Christmas gift for the role-player in your life. Christmas day may have been and gone, but don't let that stop you. On the subject of holidays, our Halloween Special gets a rave review at Greywulf's Lair. Well, given such a reception we may re-release it in the near future.... Finally, check out the five star review of Goblinoids given on

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