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12th June 2014
The Lazy GM: Freaks and Horrors is now out, forty monsters from classic favourites to misfits, oddballs and the sadly overlooked, exclusively for Pathfinder.

We've got some bonus material in the works for our most recent Lazy GM products, and then big changes further down the line. Watch this space!

5th December 2013
The Lazy GM: Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a horde of sadistic little reptiles, so what better time to release our latest addition the the Lazy GM range? The Pathfinder edition of Kobolds features 171 pages of pre-gen kobold stat-blocks updated and expanded to take full advantage of loads of new options available under the Pathfinder system.
19th August 2013
The Lazy GM: Our Pathfinder version of The Lazy GM: Savage Creatures is now ready to buy, with over 300 pages of pre-generated stat blocks for forty different classic monsters of dungeon and wilderness. Also in the works are our all-new Freaks and Horrors collection and a Pathfinder upgrade to The Lazy GM: Kobolds.

1st July 2013
The Lazy GM: Our Pathfinder version of The Lazy GM: Goblinoids has been completely revised and overhauled so that the stat block style is now compatible with the official format. It takes up more pages, but I think it's worth it. We've taken the opportunity to make a few corrections, and we've also added three new builds based on material that has come out since we first wrote it back when Pathfinder was still in the playtesting stage. You can now also find the Goblin Witch, Hobgoblin Magus and Bugbear Gunslinger, and the good news is if you have already bought it, the upgrade is free!

1st May 2013
The Lazy GM: Our Pathfinder edition of Dungeon Beasts is now available, with loads of new builds updated to take advantage of all the new options under the Pathfinder rules. In the works is a Pathfinder version of Savage Creatures, and an entirely new collection of pre-gen monsters: Freaks and Horrors.

12th December 2012
World of Conclave: A closer look at the far island of Corapeti, where many of the mysteries of Conclave converge, as well as a unique NPC and adventure seeds.

24th October 2012
World of Conclave: More tree-folk related goodies with this update, discussing the flora and fauna peculiar to the mighty braashak forest.

12th July 2012
World of Conclave: In the heart of Tree-Folk territory stands Thalsa, capital city of the salsham'ai and home to the Great Mother. This update includes maps, and details of the a Merchants League family based in Thalsa.

21st June 2012
World of Conclave: This month we bring you details of a new culture, the Tenguru people of the Land of Frozen Tears, on the western side of the Inner Continent. Learn about life in the icy wastes, the animal totems and the mysterious lost land of Tarlimbor.

30th May 2012
World of Conclave: Another character is bought to life this update; Night Tiger Waits, an artisan with a mysterious red crystal sword haunted by the ghost of a long-dead poet.

2nd May 2012
World of Conclave: We bring you another culture from the Outer Continent; this time it's the turn of the Ajamec, a warlike culture centred on human sacrifice to its gods, one for every day of the year.

25th April 2012
World of Conclave: What's life like for an Obrenaj living in the City of Llaza? Meet Tolla of the Healing Hands Foundation for character details and an emergency medical organisation working the streets of Llaza.

18th April 2012
World of Conclave: This week we bring you details of the lost city of Aku-Batambar, said to lie in the deep deserts of the Outer Continent, and also details of the semi-real material that forms it - ghost matter.

21st March 2012
World of Conclave: This week, a new NPC who can be friend or foe to adventurers in Llaza. Rolak Vertsin, of the dockworker's guild, straddles the divide between the legitimate and criminal halves of Llaza.

16th March 2012
World of Conclave: A new creature this week, the mineral-eating ur-Edraldi, otherwise known as Rock-Folk.

7th March 2012
World of Conclave: This week we bring you another culture from the Outer Continent, the strange and exotic Sisterood of Hurriat.

28th February 2012
World of Conclave: We're back, for a time, with weekly Wednesday updates. This week we bring you an epic monster, with adventure ideas to suit all levels of character: the destructive force of nature known as the Storm of Profound Fury.

21st February 2012
World of Conclave: This month we bring you details of The Green Dragon, a weekly broadsheet printed in Llaza. As usual with the World of Conclave, this comes with characters and loads of adventure ideas.

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