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This is the Official website for the Creative Conclave, dedicated to the production of the Lazy GM range of role-playing aids, and the creation of the innovative World of Conclave setting. If you are new here we suggest checking the Overview link on the left. Check out our free downloads and our commercial products. Finally, don't forget that you can participate in the creative process on the Discussion Forum.

21st December 2011
The Lazy GM: For the darkest depths of winter, we bring you Spawn of Non-Terrifying Beasts of Legend. All the Non-Terrifying Beasts of Legend updated to the Pathfinder system, plus some new faces such as plague zombie sheep and the Horsemanless Head of Dozey Dell. All completely free!

17th November 2011
World of Conclave: Another selection bag of goodies this month. The City of Blue Jays outlines a model Imperial city, with a secret. Meanwhile, A Barrel of Bones tells what the sailors say about the seas of the Unapproachable West.

11th October 2011
World of Conclave: A miscellany of updates this week. We bring you the Cult of the Soul Trees from the Outer Continent, where the faithful can become one with the trees. A new domain and new monster templates included. We also bring you the orlatki, scavenger beasts from the Khazarate of Vaarta.

1st October 2011
World of Conclave: A pocket of Chaos where red-robed monks serve a mad seer. We bring you the Oracle of Kulaban, with stats for three high-level spellcasters and the sinister monks known as the Arm of the Oracle.

19th September 2011
The Lazy GM: Out for Talk Like A Pirate Day, we bring you The Lazy GM: Ninjas vs. Pirates. Are you a Pirate rogue or Ninja rogue? Find out with our Lazy GM Charity Special, with over 80 pre-generated ninja and pirate themed foes. Should you need any other excuse to buy it, half of the $2 (yes, two dollars) cover price is donated to Save The Children, championing childrens' causes worldwide.

15th September 2011
World of Conclave: This week we bring you details of the pirate fortress of Dar a'Droaz on the Outer Continent, a cruel city ruled by mysterious masters, presiding over slavery and gladiatoral combats.

The Lazy GM: Keep an eye out for a Ninjas vs. Pirates charity special, set for release this month, with proceeds going to Save The Children!

6th September 2011
World of Conclave: We're back from summer recess and we've finished tidying up dead links and tweaking typos. We now bring you details of Oksa, referred to many times in the past but always skipped over. Learn more about the City of Turuk, the fall of Port Linlin and the rise of the Republic of Uuksam, Conclave's first democracy.

28th July 2011
The Lazy GM: If you haven't yet made the plunge with the Lazy GM, check out DrivethruRPG or RPGNow where all of our older Lazy GM products are currently 25% off in the Christmas in July promotion. Offer has now finished.

World of Conclave: Our ongoing summer clean-up continues, with older pages being tidied up and standardised, dead links fixed, errors checked and so on. More new stuff coming soon.

16th June 2011
The Lazy GM: The Most Dangerous Race gets the Lazy GM treatment in Humans, with hundreds of ready-made NPCs for use in any d20/OGL fantasy game. Not only have we included loads of different builds of fighter and warrior, from town guards and thugs to elite cavalry and gladiators, there are variant builds of cleric (good and evil), rogues (from con-men to acrobats) and plenty of different spellcasters.

Add to that templated foes like vampiric barbarians or lich archmages, a handful of companion animals (cats, dogs and horses of all kinds) and a range of NPCs including sailors, spies and sages, and you have the ingredients for the latest in our Lazy GM range of gaming aids.

14th May 2011
The Lazy GM: The Lazy GM: Humans is undergoing the final round of proofreading. The original plan was to include all player character races but the humans began to take over (as they do). Elves and Dwarves will probably get a volume together, but at the moment they've been pushed back by Demons, which has made its way next into the schedules.

World of Conclave: We bring you a range of creatures this month. The fierce Ice Beasts that roam the Throne of Heaven Mountains, the Roakan from the taiga of Vaarta, the Umbrie, a carnivorous plant from the Outer Continent and Hunting Heads, nefarious spirits that feed upon your dying breath.

As usual, the World of Conclave pages are undergoing our summer clean-up, removing dead links, proofreading and general tidying.

16th April 2011
The Lazy GM: Our "Good Guys" supplement has grown in the telling. It looks like the humans are going to demand a book all to themselves, with everyone from town guards and petty thieves to archmages and lich necromancers, now undergoing proofreading.

World of Conclave: This update we return to the Inner Continent for a closer look at the mountain nation of Thellingerstan. Learn more about these barbarians on the edge of the Empire and their fearsome Eagle Lodge warriors.

7th April 2011
World of Conclave: Another update for the Outer Continent, this time the malameks, a playable race of intelligent pterasaurs with sample characters and racial levels.

25th March 2011
World of Conclave: This month we bring you more details of the war-torn Ashoyin Protectorate, one the Anhoi River States. Includes stats for General Chandrat's elite Lion Guard and the mysterious rebel leader known as First Among Equals.

26th February 2011
World of Conclave: We present the dromads, "camel-centaurs" found on the Outer Continent, usable as a player character or a monster race. With racial levels, weapons, sports and potent drinks.

21st January 2011
World of Conclave: Another major cultural group from the Second Continent gets an airing. We bring you the Imbata, a widespread nomadic culture that stands alongside, but in contrast to, the Neo-a'Keshamite Kingdoms.

12th January 2011
World of Conclave: As we enter the fifth year since the Creative Conclave v.2 website was started there's still so much material to update from the earlier websites. This year we'll continue with the Second Continent material that has yet to be properly published, but we'll also keep filling in the gaps of the Inner Continent and Inner Seas material of which we have reams. The Oracle of Kulaban, the salshm'ai city of Thalsa, the Talazan, the City of Blue Jays, not to mention the Dromads, the Ja Ecout, ghost metal, the Pedocracy of Sindu and more.

This update we return to the Inner Continent to bring you notes on two Anhoi nation states - Kronlordan and Tibrafes - that together make up the Meadow Flower Alliance.

The Lazy GM: Work is ongoing on the "Good Guys" book, with humans, elves, dwarves and so on. It may even split into several smaller works, such is the outpouring of ideas. Plans are also afoot for demons, devils and a selection of beasts from the Tome of Horrors, with support for d20 and Pathfinder. Watch this space!

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